The story of Chainer begins in September 2014, in Ferlens, a small village in French-speaking Switzerland. Kev Van Raiser, guitarist and singer, after the separation of his band Helllander, decides to put together a project inspired by what he has always loved at his strongest, the Hard Rock of the 1980s. That’s how he started Chainer. The band is made up of three musicians : Kev on guitar and vocals, Axel on bass, and Jeremy on drums.

In one year, the band played dozens of concerts and released their first album Orgasmo Mechanic in December 2015, with the videos Hungry and Burn The City. Burn The City is recorded in collaboration with Natacha, singer of the Swiss band Shezoo. In 2016, Chainer continues to roam the stages, in theaters, bars, and festivals, in Switzerland, France, and Belgium. At the start of the year, Jeremy was replaced by Yvan on drums.

In 2017, Chainer released their second album Balls ’Kicker, featuring videos Angel and Stars. Stars is a cover of the Hair N Aid project, created in the 1980s by Ronnie James Dio, in collaboration with many rockstars of the time. Here, Chainer made a cover in collaboration with several singers and guitarists, coming from Swiss bands, but also French.

During the summer, Axel is replaced by Andy on bass. Then it is Yvan who decides to make his living abroad, and is replaced by Sébastien Chave, temporarily, time for Chainer to find a new permanent drummer.

In 2018, the band performed on the big stage of the Ice Rock Festival in Switzerland, with many international stars of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. During the spring, Kev is temporarily absent from the band to play and go on a European tour with the famous Chris Holmes, guitarist and co-founder of W.A.S.P. Upon Kev's return, Chainer released the video High Wild Ride, from the track from the album Balls ’Kicker.

It was finally in 2020 that Lolo was hired as the band's official drummer, and Andy, who moved to live abroad, was replaced by Tiki, the band's new official bassist.

To be continued...

Kev Van Raiser - Guitars and lead vocal

Tiki - Bass

Lolo - Drums